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Tall Poppy Wine Club

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The special wine for which this club is named is only made from outstanding vintages, maturing in our finest barrels, yielding a luxurious and overachieving Pinot Noir.  Only having been made a handful of times in our history, Tall Poppy is an elusive wine that doesn't come around every year, Membership of the Tall Poppy Wine Club ensures you one bottle of Tall Poppy Pinot Noir along with two bottles of our Reserve Pinot Noir.  You will receive this election once a year in November.

With the Tall Poppy Wine Club you will get:

  • Complimentary tastings or a glass of wine for you & three guests six times/year;
  • A 20% savings on all wine purchases and special event discounts;
  • Early bird notices on spectacular sales throughout the year;
  • Annual Wine Club members only Appreciation event

You can simply add this to your cart and check out or you can follow the directions below to join!

 Click on the link below to Download the sign up form, you can fax it to (503)-843-2450, or scan and email to yamhillvalleyvineyards@gmail.com

YVV Wine Club Brochure


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Tall Poppy: Noun…Flamboyant extrovert, outrageous character, ambitious beyond one’s station, achiever beyond expectations…New Zealand expression to describe, somewhat derogatorily, a person who talks the big talk but then actually delivers…a term of begrudging respect.

Are you ready for the Tall Poppy Club? Are you a Tall Poppy?

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