16250 S.W. Oldsville RD.
Mcminnville, OR 97128

 Tasting Room OPEN:

Thursday - Monday
11am - 5pm




YVV Wine Club: Earth

Earth: The foundation for the roots of the vineyard; soils provide the home. 

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YVV Wine Club: Wind

Wind: Grapevines thrive in the cool evening breezes, providing intensity and vitality. 

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YVV Wine Club: Sun

Sun: Glorious sunshine stimulates growing grapevines, cosmic rays provide light for photosynthesis and warmth for growth. 


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YVV Tall Poppy Wine Club

Tall Poppy: Noun…Flamboyant extrovert, outrageous character, ambitious beyond one’s station, achiever beyond expectations…an expression to describe a person who talks the big talk but then actually delivers…a term of begrudging respect.

Are you ready for the Tall Poppy Club? Are you a Tall Poppy?

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