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Donation Pack: OG's Against Violence Farm - PNW Chapter

Price: $99

 3-Pack Featuring:

2013 Pinot Noir Founder’s Select

2015 Pinot Noir Reserve

2016 Pinot Noir Estate

$99 (no discounts apply)


10% of sales donated to:

OG’s Against Violence Farm PNW Chapter - Click to visit GoFundMe

"The farm will be a safe all-inclusive place where people who may not have the opportunity otherwise, can come and experience what farm life feels like. People should be around nature, digging their hands in the dirt, learning how to build soil, grounding, sprouting and planting seeds and most importantly take food home with them."


About Ra and his mission through his GoFundMe:

Ra calls himself a brown farmer, but before becoming comfortable with that title he had to do inner work to release his preconceived notions of associating farming with "slaves work".  It was a process that started many years ago in Ojai, CA where he worked with Pierre Constance, a permaculture specialist who saw Ra's dedication to earth work and eventually left his farm in Ra's hands.

Ultimately, the physical, emotional and spiritual reward of working the land far outweighed the stigma assigned to the work, Ra was able to level up and let go of those notions; and with it a victim mindset was released launching him into a new found freedom.
Ra wasn't always a farmer, he spent his young adulthood "being discovered" in Los Angeles where he modeled and found opportunities and success; his friends and family commented about how he made the big time when they saw his photo on billboards and got word of the LA money flowing in, but something felt out of alignment for Ra.  He wasn't connecting with the earth.  His heart already knew that he was a sacred person, and his dissatisfaction with the more material lifestyle was a catalyst for him to keep searching for something more meaningful to him, that's when he started his migration north to Ojai.
Ra has collaborated and consulted in 156 different gardens across the United States, he utilizes practices that stem from biodynamic, organic and permaculture origins.  With each garden botanicals, food, trees and biodiversity thrive, but also he is planting a story with each encounter and slowly but surely, one garden at a time, Ra fights the stigma of slavery to all those who he encounters.
A good farmer is an observer first; they listen with all of their senses, they slow down and notice all the parts of the ecosystem around them, they meditate on the energy of the land, they talk to the animals, and the animals share their secrets when someone with this calm demeanor comes to watch, listen, and feel.  Ra spent quite a bit of time on a farm in Washington called Sunny Pine Farm, he had much to offer, but also learned about frequencies in farming from Ed Welch, the no-nonsense farmer of Sunny Pine.  On Ed's suggestion, Ra followed a bear into the forest, it was there that the bear led Ra to horsetail, a plant that is a known source of silica that the bear was deficient in. Ra intuitively harvested the silica for use in the farm to aid in structural integrity for the plants that grew there.
Ra has made a point of leading by example; during the time when he first came to Portland, he decided to work with Portland Public School middle school kids on a gardening program.  Many of the kids were troubled, but the other teachers shared with Ra that when he was away, they would be excited about the next gardening opportunity with "Coach Ra".  He wanted to show them first hand the magic of growing food, working with their hands and the earth, and set an example to young people, that farming is sacred work, not slaves work.  To quote Ra, "[I feel] blessed from learning this earthwork.  [The experience has] brought out the feeling of what my ancestors wanted me to know about working the land; that it wasn't in fact a wretched job, but a sacred one, that I've been graced to teach and share."

$99.00In Stock


10% of sales are donated. 

Featuring: 2013 Pinot Noir Founder's Select, 2015 Pinot Noir Reserve, and 2016 Pinot Noir Estate

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