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Wine And Food

We are extremely fortunate at Yamhill Valley Vineyards to be able to grow a family of grapes that has a tremendously strong affinity for pairing with foods. We are doubly fortunate that this family of grapes; Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir, make some of the greatest wines in the world when they are grown in a climate that just matches their needs. These regions are very few in number and the north Willamette Valley, including the Yamhill Valley, is one of those regions. It is no accident that the great wine regions of the world also provide a wonderful resource of fruits, vegetables, game, meats and foods from the rivers and the sea to pair with our wines.

It is important that you approach food and wine pairing on a level that meets your needs. It may be as simple as your favorite red wine with your favorite dish. Or you may want to try many wine and food matches. We've always felt one of the first rules of matching wine with a dish is that neither the food nor the wine should overpower the other. They should offer their own flavors and, together, provide a third element of enjoyment. A great chef will put together a "triangle" of elements for a dish. There is flavor, there is texture and presentation and there should be a third point. It might be acidity, a spice or some element that creates interest and complexity and offers another dimension without dominating. The same sort of balance should be in wine. One of the beauties of the Pinot family is that it offers a tremendously rich and varied palate of flavors and, at the same time, a fabric of structure - acids and tannins - to carry those flavors and keep a wine fresh and exciting through a meal. We've often described this structure as a bright or sparky character that gives a "come-hither" quality to the wine. The second glass is even more rewarding than the first. When enjoyed with food at the table, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir can create a third element of complexity and contribute to the pleasure of a great match.

Pinot Gris is, for us, a wine that should be embracing, attractive, fruity, bright, crisp and totally exposed in it's character. It's not a wine to analyze or linger over or keep score on. We often speak of Yamhill Valley Vineyards' Pinot Gris as a delightful wine to have while deciding what wine to have with dinner. That being said, there are some favorite matches for us. This is the wine for oysters on the half shell. Wash down the taste of the sea with that bracing, crisp, cold acidity. Sashimi, sushi, dungeness crab and scallops. It can also be a delight with many salads and a picnic wine that comes with no pretense.

Pinot Blanc is a more serious wine on the table. It has a wonderful affinity for rich, creamy sauces, butter sauces and cheese. As for spices, use herbs such as fresh thyme, savory, tarragon, dill and chives. Pinot Blanc will also work well with lighter meats and with cold meat salads that aren't too spiced. In spite of conventional lore, we always enjoy starting our summer lunches or picnics with white wines that are well chilled. The crisp, bright robe of cold quickly gives way to the flavors as the wine warms in the air.

Pinot Noir is, without question, the most versatile wine with all foods. Yamhill Valley Vineyards' Pinot Noirs are richer in structure and fruit character than many Oregon Pinot Noirs so we enjoy pushing the envelope on spices and flavors. We enjoy roasting and grilling to caramelize proteins and add a deeper flavor to foods. Grilled fish is great with Pinot Noir; smoked trout, roasted vegetables, peppers and brown-glazed onions. Stuff meats with savory herbs, such as rosemary, marjoram and Greek oregano. Use aromatic herbs; cumin, cardamom and coriander. And, of course, there's lamb! Marinated in olive oil, red wine, soy sauce, crushed garlic and fresh rosemary. Or simply grilled with a liberal amount of black pepper and salt. And, by all means, don't hesitate to put your Pinot Noir in the refrigerator for an hour or so before serving in the summertime. We often say there is only one thing better than a good bottle of Yamhill Valley Vineyards' Pinot Noir with a great meal. Another one. Bon Appetit and Good Pinot!

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Aug 28, 2022

The Tasting Room will be closing early today, Sunday, August 28th, for a private event.  Our last reservation will be at 1pm and we will close at 2pm.  Thank you! read  more

The Tasting Room will be closing early today, Sunday, August 28th, for a private event.  Our last reservation will be at 1pm and we will close at 2pm.  Thank you!
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